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1st Bank Yuma was established in 2001 as a community bank by local county banking employees and businessmen having a goal of providing business and personal services in Yuma County, Arizona and it has insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

The bank dedicated to its regional customer engagement to its best services to meet their customer’s needs by having involving the local decision making to serve the county. From its first establishment, the bank now has a total of 5 branches in Yuma with a total asset of $360 million and has over 15,000 accounts as their strong presence in the county.

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1st Bank Yuma Login | Online Banking Login Guide

1st Bank Yuma Login

1st Bank Yuma Login

The bank offers its services with their extremely user-friendly website 1stbankyuma.com and you will get the login section on the top right corner of the screen.

On selecting the login option one drop-down menu will open where you will directly get the login details and put your Username and Password before clicking on the login button.

Once logged in, you can enjoy Yuma Bank’s personal or business checking, savings, and loans.

Yuma Bank Online Enrollment

After account opening, account holders must apply for online access to enjoy Yuma Bank’s services, and for this, you need to click on the Login section at the top right corner of the screen where before selecting the Personal First Time Users option in the following drop-down menu.

On the following page, there are 3 steps that are user information, agreement, and credentials. In the first step, the user needs to fill the personal details in the application like name, security number, driver’s license and phone number as General Information and on the right-hand section there is asking general information where account higher needs to first select either for Deposit or loan option before filling up the details like Account number, date and amount of last deposit, mother’s maiden name, birthplace, and email and then click on Next button.

In the second step, there is agreement and needs to be read of the bank’s TnC, and in the 3rd step, there are credentials where account holders need to verify by putting their credentials and the account will be ready for online access.

Yuma Bank Forgot Username and Password

While login if you can not remember your login username or password, then there are separate options for both. If you forgot your username only then click on the login section and select the Forgot Username option in the drop-down menu.

On the following page, you need to put your email address and social security number and click on the Request username button to get your username mailed to your registered email id.

NOTE: for a business account, the username cannot recover and that user needs to contact banking officials to recover their username.

If you have to reset your password then select the Forgot Password option in the drop-down menu instead of the forgot username. On the following page, you need to put your login name and email address and then click on the Next button, and you can reset and save your password.

Yuma Mobile Banking Login

Yuma Bank offers its mobile banking service to provide services like check deposits, statements, balance, funds transfer, and many more. To enjoy this service download the 1st Yuma Bank’s mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Once opened you will get the login section right on the main display where you need to put your Username and Password and click on the Login button. There is also an option for the first time using online enrollment from the mobile app at the bottom of the login section.

Yuma Bank Community Service

The bank also serves the Yuma community by involving in various social services for youth and elders through various programs. The bank runs the educational program named “Kinder to College Financial Initiative” in which K-8, High School, and college students are taught the financial knowledge to help them build their future.

The back also provides Scholarships to deserving students in Yuma and many other counties to help students complete their education in Arizona. The bank also does donations such as their bank donation of $25,000 annually to help feed the needy and various other donations for home and faculty upgrades.

The bank donates non-profit staff hours and also supports various non-profit organizations.


This article is covered with all the required details for the 1st Bank Yuma Login. It is very convenient for a customer to open an account here in this Bank.

There are many good benefits which this bank provides us and which is very beneficial for us. Also, some demerits are there but in the end, you have to think about whether it is good for your work or not.

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