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The 1st Source Bank is a 157-year-old bank which was founded in the year 1863, by the name First National Bank of South Bend in South Bend, Indiana.

The bank has its headquarters in South Bend, Indiana to date. The 1st Source Bank is operated by the 1st Source Corporation from its headquarters in South Bend, Indiana.

The 1st Source Bank has 81 branches in the state of Indiana and Michigan.

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The 1st Source Bank is registered as a Public Company and its Specialty Finances Group is known to provide finances for aircraft, trucks, and construction equipment. The 1st Source Bank also provides insurances related products and insurance services.

Before the rough period of The Great Depression hit the world in the 1930s 1st Source Bank merged with First National and Union Trust to form the First Bank and Trust Company. It was under the leadership of Ernest.

M. Morris that the 1st Source bank survived the great depression and in the year 1935 it opened its first branch which was followed by the second branch which was opened in the year 1946 and in the year 1950 1st Source Bank became the seventh-largest bank in Indiana.

What Is 1st Source Bank?

The First National Bank of South Bend renamed itself as the 1st Source Bank in the year 1981. 1st Source Bank folded its Trustcorp Mortgage Company subsidiary into its bank subsidiary in the year 2007.

The 1st Source Bank opened 2 more branches and remodeled 6 other of them in December of 2014, in Fort Wayne, Indiana the total cost of which went up to $8 million.

In the year 2016, the bank made most Small Business Administration loans in Indiana among the banks with less than $10 billion assets.

Also in the year 2016 in the month of October, the 1st bank received the approval to open a branch in Sarasota in the state of Florida.

The 1st Source Bank remains the largest locally financed institute in the northern Indiana-Southwestern Michigan area.

The bank has $7.8 billion in assets and operates 78 banking centers in 19 countries, 18 1st Source Bank Specialty Finance Groups locations nationwide, 8 Wealth Advisory services locations, and 10 1st Source Insurance offices.

The 1st Source Bank claims to provide a comprehensive range of banking services along with and personalized attention to both their individual and business clients.

1st Source Bank’s mission is to help its clients achieve security, build wealth, and realize their dreams.

1st Source Bank is also known for its various community service activities, for over 155 years the bank has been keen on giving back to the community and the society at large by helping them to build good places to live, work and raise their families.

This service of 1st Source bank for its community is one of their principal values and has over the ages defined who they are and how do they do their business.

In the year 2019, the 1st Source bank and the 1st source bank foundation donated more than $2 million to support the community to support education, social welfare and human service efforts, the arts, economic development, and community organizations.

The employees of the 1st Source Bank have also volunteered for various community service activities.

1st Source Bank Login Complete Step By Step Login Guide

1st Source Bank Login

Step by step instructions to login into your 1st Source bank online account using the 1st Source Bank website or mobile application.

  • Go to www.1stsource.com using the browser of your choice or download and install the 1st source mobile application on our mobile with the help of Google play store or Apple store and open the application.
  • New users will have to click on the ‘Sign up’ option which will be visible in your manage your account box.
  • You will have to answer a certain set of questions in order to set up your account have sure that the entire information provided by you is complete, correct, and authentic.
  • In case you already have an existing account you simply have to select your type of account and type your UserID in the respective box and click on the Go button to log in.
  • The users who have forgotten their passwords need not worry about it you will have to locate the forgot your password option which will be visible on your enter your password page.
  • The users who have trouble remembering their UserID can also click on the Forgot User ID option which will be visible on the Manage your account page.
  • Users can also reset their password using their PIN or call customer support for assistance in the matter.
  • In order to change the login information, the user will have to locate the Tools tab and click on the user options.

Why Start Online Banking With 1st Source Bank?

Online banking has revolutionized the way banks work and people handle their bank accounts. Online banking has made the entire process of banking fast, easy, hassle-free, and has given power in the hands of the consumers.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of online banking with the 1st Source Bank.

Accessing Bill Payments

You can easily play all your bills on time before you miss the deadline for the same. Once you have made the necessary arrangements and settings the designated amount would automatically reduce from your account on the designated date.

this makes sure that the user does not have to go through the monotonous process of paying bills, filling in the required information repeatedly every month.

Making Payments

Making Payments

You can now make payments to family, friends, other individuals, and businesses as well using the 1st Source Bank website or mobile application easily.

You no longer have to withdraw money from the ATM instead to can easily transfer the amount online to the required person without any additional effort.

View Reports


With the View Report option that is available on the 1st Source Bank mobile application and website, you can view the history of all your previous transactions whenever you need to refer to them.

Funding Accounts

Funding Accounts

You can click on the Funding account option to view the checking accounts for paying bills or default account. To add a new checking account click on add new funding account, select the payee, and make the required payment.


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