Top 5 Best Credit Cards For Young Professionals 2021

Best Credit Cards For Young Professionals :- Credit cards are an important necessity in the lives of today’s modern man to carry out their daily purchases with some added benefits as well.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a credit card to build their financial credits and is a great aspect to young adults who are venturing out to live the world.

Young minds nowadays, desire to live a king-size life which will bring them a lot of boons, therefore the picking of the best credit card plays a vital role.

Though there is a wide range of credit card companies and their various perks, it is a pr-requisite knowledge to first understand what are your priorities so that you can dive into the credit card which is the ideal for you to bring out your advantages to light, in order to experience the boss life which you always admired too.

Here, we bring before you the best credit cards for young professionals which have the best ratings and might pique your interest.

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Top 5 Best Credit Cards For Young Professionals In 2021

Top 5 Best Credit Cards For Young Professionals 2021

1. American Express ® Gold Card

Shimmered from a gold metal plate, this credit card gives its users to acknowledge a fair 60,000 points within 6 months after they first purchase their cards with a minimum $4000.

Though we see that its welcome offer is not considerably great here, but the card makes it up by providing all the loaded bonus it comes up with, making it an incredibly popular choice for the audience.

American Express Gold card or more commonly known as AMEX Gold gives out awesome perks to all the shopaholics and foodies out there who wish to try out something new every day. Some of its worthy perks include.

  • 4X annual dining credits both worldwide and at U.S markets.
  • 3X travel insurance on airfare.
  • 1X other essential beneficiary aspects which include.
  • Zero foreign transaction fees.
  • Increase in the warranty of the card.
  • Providence of hotel credit.

AMEX tops the list in terms of the value of rewards earned per dollar of spending. Therefore, I feel, with its annual fee of approx $250 it is quite a reasonable price considering the fact that it gives quite a lot of fortunes to indulge in.

It is a boon for all those who do a lot of spending every day, plus with no defined spending limit. Hence, if you are a type of person who spends a great deal of time in trying out restaurants and market purchases, then this is your ideal card to carry in your wallet, moreover, travelers who can make enough benefit from the insurances and travel credits can also carry this gold buddy along.

2. American Express ® Green Card

The American Green card or AMEX green is a green enveloped card typically designed and curated to attract the possible attention of the conscious environment crowd.

It is usually made from reclaimed plastic which is basically collected from various communities and islands. Unlike the AMEX gold, this green archaic-looking tool is more focused on travel-based grants.

With a welcome offer of 30,000 points on the first purchase of $2000 within 3 months of card’s membership, this card serves as a promising commodity for the young professionals who intend to work at pleasure with interesting gifts at hand, with an annual fee of $150. Some of the most enticing benefits which this card offers include.

  • Loaded benefits on travel with 3X Points covering your hotel, flights and everything other travel springs benefits.
  • 3X points on devouring in your favorite restaurants worldwide.
  • 1X point in every other purchase you make.

Thus we see that earning reward points here is a pretty simple deal, also we can redeem those awards in a galaxy of ways, for eg- we can redeem points in an easy way by linking our account to any online shopping portals, which probably works out as one of the easiest ways.

Added with no foreign transaction fee, this card deems as the ideal one for the middle tier economy who loves the experiences gained in their lives through their work travels.

3. Chase Sapphire Preferred ® Card

Are you serious about traveling? Want to travel with some great rewards in return to your travel purchases. If yes, then this card should be in wish list if you are considering to purchase a card for travel grants.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is one of the popular travel reward cards which showers its purchasers with a whole lot of exciting deals and rewards.

With a purchase of $4000, you get to favor a luxurious amount of 80,000 points within the first three months of your account opening into existence. Since this card is mostly adhered to travel hence, we get to see most of the travel sparks flowing here. Some of which include.

  • Exciting 2X points on travel and dining in worldwide restaurants.
  • Extra 25% on redemption made for air expenses, hotels and car rentals and other travel expenses.
  • Cool 5X points can be earned on Lyft rides up till March 2020.
  • 1X point earned in every other purchase made.

If you are an esteemed travel hacker, then chase sapphire is just for you, as its awesome sign-up bonus you earn and the $1000 dollar you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards works up fine for its annual $95 fee.

But if you are not a frequent traveler and is a minimal spender with a balance carrier etiquette then this might be not your ideal option, because its a deal which is most likely to suit the travelers who seek to take advantage of travel protections and no foreign transaction fee.

4. Citi Premier ® Card

Citi Premier card can be considered as one of the options to avail if you are a traveling spirit. With a sign-up bonus of 60,000 points on a purchase of $4000 dollars within the first three months, it registers itself as a considerable card for travel benefits to ponder upon.

With its limited rewards and an annual fee of $95, this card seems to be a kinda fair option in the traveling universe. Some of the perks of using this card include.

  • 3X points on air travels, hotels and other such expenses.
  • Pretty decent 3X points can be earned while purchasing from supermarkets.
  • 1X points are available for other daily basic necessary requirements.

This card comes in handy to only those audiences who tend to invest a lot of their time on planning and executing their plans on going on to trips, as this card is a boon offered to those high-end travelers.

Also, those who are satisfied with minimal redemption and can meet the requirements to sign up for the bonus should opt for this card.

For the other half of the crowd who are not much into travel and find exploring into various other deals then this card might not be able to tend to their desires considering the annual fee of this card.

5. Capital One ® Venture ® Rewards Credit Card

Capital One venture rewards Credit Card is marked as one of the best credit cards which is just the ideal one for ardent travelers. It is one of those cards which surprises you with its huge rewards.

It has an annual fee of $95 but the new cardholder gets a handsome amount of 100,000 points on a purchase made of 20,000 within the first 12 months from account inception.

What’s more, you even get to earn a juicy 50,000 if you spend at least $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months. Isn’t that cool?

Moreover, the added benefits of this card is just icing on the cake. Here are some of the coolest offers this card puts forward that might ignite the spark of travel enthusiast in you.

  • It elicits a generous 5X points on Uber eats up till January 31, 2021.
  • We also get to enjoy 2X unlimited miles on every purchase made.
  • The redemption options because of its super flexibility make it a boon for its users.
  • Moreover, since it is mainly a travel-friendly card therefore it has tons of benefits frequent travelers would love to avail. Some of which include.
  • Trip protection.
  • Zero foreign transaction fee.
  • Statement credit, which is available once in every 4 years.

We can earn 2 miles dollar we spent in our every minimal purchase and thus redeem them later in our travel expenses, thus making the working of this card simple and effortless, and therefore it, shines in the beneficiary list of its users, making it super popular and ideal. Thus, if you are inquisitive about traveling then this card should be on your list.

Wrapping It Up

Thus, these are the Best Credit Cards For Young Professionals in 2021 which help the young minds to pursue their dreams.

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