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When we think of commercial banks, we usually feel safe and reliable by trusting their yearly growths and the revenues they generate. The main reason behind the extreme revenues from these commercial banks that they solely focus their effort on maximizing the profits by playing sometimes on the risky edge which makes them more vulnerable during the financial crisis.

This is completely opposite with the Credit Unions as they work towards the community or union member’s financial growth as well as stability without solely focusing on maximizing profits. Credit Union is a member-owned cooperative which provides credit to its members at much cheaper rates than commercial banks.

This makes these unions more reliable towards the trustworthiness of their members for personal and business loans for small, medium, and bigger loans if necessary. One such Credit Union is CEFCU.

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CEFCU Login [Complete Online Banking Guide]



Citizens Equity First Credit Union (CEFCU) is a credit union located in Peoria, Illinois United States. CEFCU offered almost similar services as Banks such as saving accounts, checking accounts, loans, mortgages, and investments. It began as Caterpiller Employees Credit Union, but then it got departed as present CEFU.

The membership criteria of CEFCU allows becoming its union member only if you are from Caterpillar company, its dealers, 550 specific companies having a relationship with the union, and individuals who live or work in 14 Illinois counties or those from 3 California counties.

Member Centre

Any Union Credit has their Member Centres located in their working presence where we can go to apply for our account or membership in the credit union and also here we can access various information, forms, and physical assistance to manage our account.

CEFCU has its member centers at fourteen Illinois counties in Fulton, Knox, Livingston, Logan, McLean, Macon, Marshall, Mason, Peoria, Putnam, Sangamon, Stark, Tazewell, Woodford, and Three-member centers at Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa in California counties.

CEFCU Membership

For online login to CEFCU account to enjoy its services, you must already be its union member/owner and only then you can apply for adding an online account. To do this you need to qualify for CEFCU membership, be a U.S. citizen and be at least 18 years old.

To open a union member amount you need to have the following documents such as valid government-issued photo ID, previous or current home address, social security number, and date of birth. Only after fulfilling all these criteria, you can get the membership either by contacting them or by visiting member centers.

Online Account Opening

After qualifying for union member you can apply for an account opening online. To do this you can visit the CEFCU home page and click on the Open an Account button at the topmost section of the page and select on start a new application or add an account link to apply for your new online account where you will have a basic description for account opening before clicking on Continue button.

Here you will be set up for your application so that you can re-access your application in the future and fill in the further information and wait for a response from the union member.

Online Account Sign Up

If you are the first-time user of the account then you will need to first sign up or enroll your CEFCU account for online banking to get all the online features right on your desktop or mobile and to do that you need to click on the Sign-Up button located just below the Login section.

Once clicked on it you will need to fill in your account number, last four digits of social security number, date of birth and choose your login ID, and click on the Continue button. It will take a few days for you to operate your account for online banking.

CEFCU Login Steps

Once you are done with sung up you can log in very easily through CEFCU user-friendly website. First, you need to put your Login ID in the login section and click on the arrow button on its right side which will lead you to follow the secure page where you need to put your password and click on the continue button.

There are two options for CEFCU online login side by side, Personal and Business login. If you want to access your personal account then select the Personal option located above the login section before proceeding for login and if you want to access your business account then select the Business option before login.

Forgot Your Password

If you anyhow forgot your password while login then you need to put your login ID in the login section and click on the arrow on the right side of it which will take you to the following page where you will need to put your password but click on Forgot your Password option below it. On the following page, you need to put your username to reset your password.

Mobile Login

You can also login into your CEFCU account through their mobile app where you can view your account and balance, transfer funds, and check deposits right from anywhere.

It also offers features such as making loans, mortgages credit card payments, pay bills by CEFCU Bill Pay, set up alerts, and many more. All you need to do is open its Mobile App and Login ID and password right on the main screen and click on the login button.


This article is covered with all the required details for CEFCU Login. It is very convenient for a customer to open an account here in this Bank.

Citizens Equity First Credit Union CEFCU is a credit union that beliefs to serve its members for their finances by lending them credit at reasonable rates unlike other commercial banks focusing on safeguarding their profits.

Commercial banks tend to give more sub-prime loans while credit unions focus on lending credit to personal or small and medium businesses thus contributing more for their members.

As per the numerous surveys, it is clear that general people trust more credit unions rather than commercial banks. It’s always easy to apply for a loan or get various services by CEFCU right from your desktop or from a mobile app as you will be the member-cum-owner of the union partially.


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