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First Bank, also known as 1st Bank is a Colorado-based private bank, that is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado that offers banking and financial services to its members. First Bank has its branches in 115 locations in Southwestern US: Arizona, Colorado, California. It is considered to be the second-largest bank in Colorado. First Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

First Bank founded by George and Everett Williams in partnership with Ira C. Rothgerber Jr. and William P. Johnson in the year 1963. The First bank expanded beyond its contender in the Denver Metro Area and became one of the largest banks in the United States of America.

In the year 2010 First Bank conducted a fundraising event by partnering with the Community First Foundation to launch the Colorado Gives Day through a 24-hour long drive to raise funds for the Colorado non-profits. In a similar manner, First Bank has always given importance to the act of “Giving back to the community” and has actively worked for the well being and development of the community and the society at large.

First Bank, first opened its doors for the public on the day of 28th February 1963 and it was previously named the Westland National Bank.

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Highlights Of First Bank’s Online Banking

First Bank believes in adding a personalized touch to their services and hence when the members are using First Bank’s mobile application or website for the purpose of online banking they are able to select an avatar or a profile picture for their First Bank account.

First bank’s digital banking solution was built with mobile functionality first due to which First Bank’s mobile application provided security of the data of the users.

To login into your First Bank online account, a username and password are mandatory for both the website and mobile application. Once the user logs in to one of the devices the information is synced on the other device as well. Users can also log in to their mobile application with the help of face ID, fingerprint, and pin codes etcetera.

The user interface and the dashboard of First Bank’s website and mobile application are user friendly, personalized, and customized which makes the online banking experience of the user smooth and easy to monitor and understand.

How To Login Into Your First Bank Account Using The First Bank Mobile Application.

First Bank Login

The First Bank mobile application can be easily downloaded with the help of Google Play Store or Apple store on an Android or IOS mobile phone.

The procedure of downloading the First Bank mobile application is similar to any other application.

The user has to give permission to access the required features to the mobile application.

Once the permissions are granted the user has to click on the install option.

Once the application is downloaded and installed on your mobile phone, the user has to input the username and password of their account that they might have received from the bank and get started with the First Bank’s mobile application.

Key Features Of First Bank Mobile Application

Highly customizable dashboard- The First bank’s mobile application has a customizable dashboard. Once the user has logged in into their account with the help of the username and password they can customize how their profile would look like. The users can select a profile picture or an avatar for their profile

The users can add accounts to other accounts or accounts from different financial institutions altogether by simply clicking on the three dots (…) which would appear on the right-hand side of the screen just below their profile picture.

The users can make changes in other settings of the application according to their preferences by clicking on the three lines that would appear at the top left of their screen.

Users can manage their debit cards through the application they can turn on or turn off the debit card in case it is stolen. The users can also activate a new debit card with the help of the application and can also file a report for the theft of their card with the bank through the application.

All the other features of online banking such as online money transfer, deposits, account management, and organization are also provided by the application.

Login Into Your First Bank Account With The First Bank Official Website

Open the browser of your choice.

Type ‘First Bank Official Website’ or ‘First Bank Login’ into your search bar.

Once you are on First bank’s official website click on the login option.

Fill in your username and password in the respective boxes.

Then you would be taken to your profile’s dashboard wherein you would be able to manage your account, the transactions that take place through your account, customize your profile by adding an avatar or a profile picture to give it a personal touch.

You can access other features of the website that would be present on the side menu which would appear on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can also connect to another account by clicking on the three dots (…) option and also manage them using the same option.

Benefits Of Online Banking With First Bank

Online banking has brought about a revolution in the way banks offer banking services and the ways in which we manage our accounts. To name one of the few things online banking has changed for us is the liberty to manage our bank accounts from the place of our choice and at the time we choose.

This is one aspect because of which people prefer online banking over the traditional method of banking as it gives a lot more power to the account holder and also enables them to get their job done in a fraction of the time as compared to the traditional way of banking.

Listed below are a few benefits of online banking with First Bank.

1. Bill Payment

You can use the First bank’s website or mobile application to pay all your bills online for eg- electricity, gas, groceries etcetera. You can also make payments that are recurring in nature like EMI on loans, rent etcetera by filling up the necessary information in the form provided by the bank for the payments of such nature so that that you don’t have to carry out these transactions repeatedly. The designated amount is reduced from your account on the chosen date. The members are likely to get alerts for the same.

2. Monitoring Transactions

With the help of online banking to get to keep track of all the transactions that are taking place through your account every minute of the day, this feature of online banking helps the account holder to get an instant alert if any unauthorized transaction has taken place through their account and take the necessary action. The members are also alerted in case of pending transactions.

3. Money Transfer

The First Bank online banking website and mobile application enable the members to transfer many online to the account holders of the same bank as well as other banks. The members do not have to step outside of their house or visit the bank to transfer money.

4. Mobile Banking

Mobile banking with the help of Android or IOS enables the user to manage their accounts on the tips of their fingers, on the go. One of the benefits of mobile banking is the member can transfer the money to another person’s account which saves them the hassle of finding an ATM and withdrawing money from there.

5. Syncing with Budgeting Apps

If the members are looking forward to saving a certain amount of money then they can sync the First Bank’s mobile application with the budgeting application that they are using which would help them to monitor their expenses and achieve their savings goal easily.


This article is covered with all the required details for First Bank Login. It is very convenient for a customer to open an account here in this Bank.

There are many good benefits which this bank provides us and which is very beneficial for us. Also, some demerits are there but in the end, you have to think about whether it is good for your work or not.

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