First National Bank Login | Step By Step Login Process Explained

First National Bank Login: First National Bank is a financial services body operating out of Pittsburgh providing financial solutions across major cities of the States. They provide services through personal banking and business banking.

Under personal banking, they provide Checking & Savings accounts, Loans & Mortgages, Investment planning, retirement planning, and insurance services. Adding to this they provide their customers with online banking services that ease their lives.

Read ahead to know more about First National Bank online Login.

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First National Bank Login Guide

First National Bank Login

How To Create First National Bank Login?

Before you understand how to Login to your First National Bank online account, you need to first know how to create your First National Bank Login. It is a very simple process, which will take a few minutes to complete.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, connect to the internet using a device you trust and are comfortable using. Using a trustable device is very important as it is a matter of the security of your bank account.
  • Open your browser and go to This is the official website of First National Bank, and you will land on their home page.
  • Then look for the “Login” tab on the menu bar, it will be Blue in color. Click on that.
  • Under user ID and password, you will find “Don’t have Online Banking?” in white color. Besides that you will find the option to “Sign Up”, Click on that.
  • You’ll be redirected to a new page where you can start creating your new online account at First National Bank.
  • The first thing you will be asked is to read the terms & conditions. We did suggest take some time and go through all of it, and well if you cannot just accept them. If you decline it you won’t be able to create your account.
  • Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be redirected to a new page and asked to fill in your bank account information to verify your account. This will include your last name, last 4 digits of your social security number, date of birth, account number, and enrollment account type (Checking/Saving/CD/Loan). Fill each of them carefully and click on continue.
  • After your information is verified by the bank, you will be asked to create a user ID and password. This the same log-in credentials you will use to log in to your online First National Bank account in the future.
  • Make sure, you never share your Log in details with anyone, as with this information they can misuse your bank account for fraudulent activities. After these steps, you are ready to log in.

How To Log-in To Your First National Bank Login?

Now, that you have activated your online banking account, you can easily log in to your account anytime-anywhere using your phone or laptop and access your account, without having to wait for posts or going to the bank. Using this login you can make payments, read your statements, and check all your account details. This makes your life a lot easier, follow these steps to log-in to your account:

  • First, connect to the internet using a device (phone/laptop/tablet) you trust and are comfortable using. Using a trustable device is very important as it is a matter of the security of your bank account.
  • Open your browser and go to This is the official website of First National Bank and you will land on their home page.
  • Search for the “Login” button, it will be on the menu bar with white text in a blue box. Click on that.
  • You can choose which destination in your account to want to be redirected to, there are a few options to choose wherever you want to go. Then you must enter your user ID, the one you had created, and then enter the password. Make sure you enter them correctly or else you won’t be able to login.
  • Once you have entered them, a login button will appear. Click it once you have put in your input.
  • You might be asked to verify the login with an OTP, which will be sent to your phone or email, so keep them handy.
  • After that, you will be logged into your account. You can now manage your account, make payments, check bills, due dates, and do a lot more. Go ahead and check what you can do!
  • Once you are done with your work, please make sure you log out from your account so that it is safe.

Please note that never log in to your online account from a device that isn’t yours, especially never log in from a public device. This is very unsafe and your account can be at risk of being misused. And never share your log-in details with anyone!

What To Do If You Forget Your Password?

Sometimes, when you don’t use your account for a long time, you might just forget your password. Do not worry, you can reset it by proving that the account belongs to you with valid ID proof of yourself. Read ahead to understand how:

You must follow the first four steps of “How to Log-in to your First National Bank Login?” (except entering the password, because you forgot it)

  • Below the Login and Sign Up tab you will find “Unlock/Reset Your Password” in white text. Click on that.
  • You will be redirected to the password reset page. Here you will have to enter your User ID and Date of Birth. Type them correctly, as only if they are verified you will be able to change your password. Click on continue.
  • After verification and maybe a little more checking, you will be allowed to reset your password. This time create something that’s strong but easy for you to remember.
  • Once you have reset your password, you are good to go and login to your account by entering your new password.
  • Just in case you face issues while trying to reset your password, First National Bank has created a dedicated hotline to support you. You can contact them for any sort of assistance at 1-800-555-5455 any time between 8 AM to 9 PM from Monday-Friday and between 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

About First National Bank

First National Bank

First National Bank was established in 1864 in Pennsylvania and operated out of the Bank President’s Home in Greenville, Pennsylvania. This bank has stood through World War I, Great Depression and World War II totaling their assets up to $2 million. They provide diversified financial services to individuals and businesses.

They provide complete financial solutions to each one’s requirements. As of 2021, they are operating through 350 offices, generating nearly $38 billion in assets and serving through Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington DC, Charlotte, Maryland, Cleveland, and Ohio. Currently, they are headquartered in Pittsburgh with Vincent J Delie, Jr being their chairman, CEO, and president.


First National Bank is your one stop financial solution to all your financial troubles. Whether you want to plan your retirement, or pay for education or maybe just save money.

They will help you with anything. Even if you plan to start a business, the expert executives will take care of all your needs and provide you with the best solutions. Their online banking is a cherry on the cake.

It makes your banking experience smooth and effortless, you can manage and handle your bank account out of anywhere – anytime. Go ahead and create your login today, hopefully, this article has helped you understand all steps clearly.

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