How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone (Best Working Methods Of 2020)

How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone? I know how nosy people around us try and pry through our solitude. Do not let them possess an insight into some of your important photographs and videos that you want to stay private and personal on your iPhone.

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How to Hide Photos or Videos on iPhone and iPad

  1. Establish the Photos App on Your iPhone.

Open Photos App on iPhone in iOS 13

2. Visit My Records → Harness on Select option and select Photos you wish to Hide.

Tap on Select and Choose Images to Hide in iOS 13 Photos App

3. Open the share sheet and tap Hide on the list.

Tap Share Sheet and Select Hide in iOS 13 Photos App

4. Next, tap on hiding Photos.

Tap and Confirm to Hide Images in iOS 13 Photos App

Each of the photos that you selected is now hidden and you’ll be able to access them in the Hidden Photos Album.

How to Unhide Photos or Videos on iPhone and iPad

  1. Visit the Albums tab and scroll through all the Records and select Hidden.
  2. Select the Photos or Videos you wish to unhide by tapping the’select’.Tap on Hidden in iOS 13 Photos App


3. Open the discussion sheet and tap unhide.

Tap on Select and Choose Images to Unhide in iOS 13 Photos App

4. Your selected photographs and videos would currently be visible in their respective folders.

Open Share sheet and Tap on Unhide in iOS 13 Photos App

How to Hide the Hidden Photos Album in iOS 14

Back in iOS 13 and before, all concealed photographs were grouped within a record titled’Hidden.’ This was helpful only to an extent. However, in iOS 14, you can now sneak even this concealed record, making things a whole lot more covert. Here is how!

  1. Select the photos you want to hide and tap the Share icon (same as steps 1 to 3 above).
  2. From the Share Sheet, tap ‘Hide’ and affirm.
  3. Now, open the Settings app in your iPhone and tap Pictures.
  4. Ensure that the toggle for Hidden Album is off.

tap on photos and turn off toggle for hidden albums on iphone

Now, under ‘Utilities,’ you won’t see an album titled ‘Hidden.’

hidden photos album is hide in photos app on iphone



But this record will continue to be visible if you’re in picture picker in different programs like WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.. To prevent undesirable entry, you can discover how to lock programs on the iPhone.

To see that the hidden record in the Photos program: Launch the Settings program → Pictures → Switch ON the toggle for Hidden Album.

Signing Off

Possessing a third-party program to store your own personal and confidential pictures and videos could be insecure, so it’s much better to keep them and hide them from the hidden folder of your inventory Photos App onto iPhone. I would like to know if you men hide your videos and images onto the Photos Program or favor using a third-party program to do exactly the same. Allow me to understand that from the remarks below.
















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