How to Sign a PDF: 5 Best Tools for Electronic Signatures? – 2020

Searching for “How to Sign a PDF” then here is the article for you with the 5 Best Tools for Electronic Signatures?. Nowadays Electronic Signatures are becoming common and so useful, so everyone has to know about how to do Sign in PDF .

One of our coworkers got a job offer from Australia and got selected from the first interview. Now he must sign an appointment letter with e-signature on the pdf file. Unfortunately, he was not a savvy man and couldn’t find a means to sign, and the final date passed off.

You may have faced this kind of situation in your everyday lives where things are changing from paper to electronics. There are chances that you might eliminate a considerable opportunity as my buddy did. Now, the instances are severe as CocoSign provides the center of E-signature free of cost: signal up for pdf documents anywhere on the planet.

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How to Sign a PDF


Understand e-signature First

An e-sign stands for digital signature in an electronic paper-like pdf, phrase, or any kind of digital documents. This expression was first used in 1998 by two countries that signed an agreement of trade with their digital signatures. Since that time, this becomes super easy for people who do not reside in the same cities, states, or even countries.

An electronic signature has revolutionized the area of trade, independent contractors, and freelancers to sign the agreements in their sofas. CocoSign has made technological improvements to be available for every human being.



There are ample advantages of an e-signature not just for the organizations but for every person who can read and write. One of the greatest advantages of an electronic signature is the ease of place. You do not have to get the tax office to sign your tax return when you’re able to sign it by sitting in your office.

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Here are the best tools to be used for E-signature without paying a cent…

  • CocoSign

CocoSign tops the list in creating an e-signature without paying a pile of beans into the programmer. If you need e-signature for customer acceptance, employee registering, filing tax returns, or any other legal documents, CocoSign is best of all of them.

It is safe and secure to upload your high profile documents without getting worried about third party utilization. You just have to sign up and start signing your fundamental documents. You don’t need to buy any monthly subscriptions or superior bundles.

  • DocuSign

DocuSign is your 2nd most significant tool following CocoSign for registering up a pdf file . It is among the most utilized systems too. The procedure for receiving your e-signature completed is fairly clear. You have to join with your own email, and the machine will let you upload the file.

Next, you have to place the spelling of your name to create electronic signatures. DocuSign also provides the choice to send your signed documents straight from the system or store them onto the cloud for potential usage.

However, DocuSign costs $25 a month for their typical program and provides private branding in precisely the exact same bundle.

  • Adobe Sign

Adobe is a famous brand in the realm of software. They offer you various services and features in their premium bundles. To facilitate their customers, Adobe has established an android program which may be utilized on your smartphone to acquire an e-sign.

What’s more, an individual can use their caliber services throughout the internet also. Even though there are trademark templates readily available, ready to use along with your title, an individual can produce a customized e-signature too. The costs for unmarried people start from $9 a month.

  • PDF Filler

Another software that’s on the list due to its multiple functionalities and benefits. It is one of the most accessible software for individuals and companies to register PDFs online. This website supports not just PDF but also Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

One can drop the desired file from the machine or select from the telephone storage, dropbox, or even Google Drive. If you don’t have the document stored on your PC, simply enter the URL to the document and get it signed within a couple of minutes.

  • CreateMySignature

Other than that, you do not have to download and install it on your PCs or smartphone. Rather, one may use any available device to draw their e-signature.

The site will generate a PNG file, and you’ll be able to insert the image into any document which allows you to embed a picture. The website is secured by SSL encryption which ensures complete privacy to the uploaded and signed copies.

The last lines

No matter what is your job title or business standing, sooner or later in your professional life, you have to sign a digital paper with your e-signature. We’ve enlisted five best tools for electronic signatures based on our research and their potency in the industry.

CocoSign comes at the peak of the listing with its plethora of free features and benefits. You will not just get an electronic signature from the site but also reach any forms/contracts/agreements for your business use.

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