How To Unlock iPhone 6 (Best Proven Methods Of 2020)

Looking for the method to unlock iPhone 6 then you have landed in the right place. Here you will get the article How to unlock iPhone 6 which is working 100 %. Read the full article and unlock your phone.

I have tested all 3 unlock methods which promise to utilize iPhone 6 and 6s. Software unlocking has not worked because the iPhone hardware and 3 unlockings will destroy your iPhone and void your guarantee. The only reliable method to unlock your own iPhone 6 would be using an IMEI unlock (occasionally referred to as factory unlock).

I have combed through countless reviews and set the very best 4 unlock businesses into the evaluation and can confidently state IMEI Doctor is your very best IMEI unlock provider to unlock your iPhone 6.

How to unlock i phone 6


IMEI Doctor is my #1 choice to unlock your iPhone 6 to get one important reason: they are the sole iPhone unlock firm who’s been in a position to unlock each iPhone we’ve delivered, for example, this particular test of four iPhone 6. If you add that they are quick, moderately priced, and also have strong customer care, it makes them an evident #1 option.


When IMEI Doctor is inaccessible, give Immediate Unlocks an attempt. They were not capable to uncover all of the iPhone 6 unlocks we bought (just unlocking out 2 of 4 in this evaluation, but keep an 80% average across all evaluations we have done ) however they were reactive, communicated clearly, frankly, and fast, and reimbursed our obligations for the ineffective unlocks within two days.

In case you’re not able to get IMEI Doctor, Direct Unlocks are a sensible second location.


I have done this before; plenty of instances. I had my smartphone mechanic for eight decades and unlocked hundreds or even tens of thousands of mobiles. Since selling those companies, I have written over a hundred posts about smartphone and smartphone technologies for various top tech websites.

To make sure this review stays unbiased by my prior experiences, I have enlisted the help of another smartphone repair shop owners, all with experience unlocking their customer’s phones.


The Men and Women who Need to unlock their iPhone is Anybody who is:

  • Traveling overseas and do not need to cover global roaming fees
  • Being overcharged with their current supplier and wish to locate a cheaper alternative
  • Dissatisfied with the degree of customer service from their current supplier
  • Promoting their iPhone 6 or more 6s and needs to get the best cost possible

Or anybody contemplating any of the aforementioned and wishes to have the ability to earn the decision on the place without needing to cover their carrier possibly tens of thousands of dollars before they could do what they want with their cell phone.


The first step in choosing a winner was simple: removing hardware and software unlocking.

Software Unlocking

Software unlocking was all the rage around the time of this iPhone 3. There were definite models carrying particular modems that after jailbroken, you can run a particular piece of software that could deceive your carrier into believing that the phone was unlocked, letting you use a SIM from any carrier. It was really incredibly clever and clearly needed a massive quantity of work put into it. I completed this on several iPhones and was impressed at how successful it was.

However, much like almost any hacks that rely on aging components, the loophole was closed with the launch of their iPhone 4 without a workable alternative that has been discovered since.

Hardware Unlocking

It entails putting any SIM within a protective skin prior to putting it within your iPhone. This skin interferes using the sign supplied by the SIM and tips that the telephone into thinking the added SIM is from the provider your phone is secured to, thus enabling you to utilize any provider’s SIM.

Can you identify the matter with this? If you have ever inserted a SIM to your iPhone, then this ought to be obvious. The SIM slot machine is remarkably tight. Normally, one of 3 things:

  • It does not fit
  • You Can get the SIM to the slot machine, but it is aligned incorrectly and does not work
  • You Can hurt the SIM slot into your attempts and also break your iPhone

I have seen it work and the telephone owner was quite happy, but another 278,000 (approximately ) individuals who tried it not only did not unlock their phone but also voided their warranty. For me personally, that rules out hardware publishing as a suitable alternate.

IMEI or Factory Unlocking

That is it. There is no software to download and no bits of hardware to attempt to dip into tight slots onto your mobile phone.

However, here is the problem: you can not simply get into the database. You want a reliable industry insider to get this done to you. And that is where unlock suppliers encounter it. They have links with business insiders within phone carriers that will change your phone’s status.

Selecting a winner out of the variety of IMEI unlock suppliers was much easier than I’d expected. I designed a five-point standard to evaluate each supplier and position them accordingly. That criteria were

  • Cost — Why were did their costs rank?
  • Rate — How fast were they capable to unlock the iPhones?
  • Service — How responsive, considerate, and considerate was their service staff?
  • Ease — Just how easy or hard was the unlock procedure?

It turns out that once more (this was consistent throughout all iPhone unlock tests I have done ), this was totally unnecessary. The sole criteria were 1: did they unlock most of the iPhones that they had been paid to?

Just 1 supplier satisfied these criteria and thus that they had been my #1 option. My #2 option was also simple since they were the only other unlock supplier to unlock ANY of those iPhones I shipped. Every other supplier failed this one fundamental evaluation and so that there really was not much competition.

The Best iPhone 6 Unlock Company is IMEI Doctor


They had been the sole that unlocked all of the telephones they had been compensated to in this evaluation, but have always done so in each evaluation of each iPhone (such as iCloud accounts).

Their checkout and payment system was simple to navigate, which is not always true with iPhone unlock businesses.

Their customer service has been reactive (averaging less than two hours for every answer ), polite (even if answering questions which were clearly already replied in their site) as well as helpful.

And everything just worked. Their checkout procedure was smooth and easy, with the procedure being both instinctive and simple. Their affirmation of payment emails came within 2 minutes of paying. Theirs unlock confirmation mails came quickly and their directions to reset the phone and benefit from their unlock were both clear and succinct. In general, it was only a very simple and effortless procedure that’s the reason why they’re my #1 recommendation.


Whilst they were just able to unlock two of those four iPhone 6s we shipped them for this particular test, they’ve maintained an 80%+ average across all evaluations we have performed (which can be lightyears ahead of their closest rival).

They met the remaining criteria fairly well. They were fairly quickly with their finished unlocks done within four days. Their website was fairly simple to navigate. Their costs were fair, being just 15-20% greater than IMEI Doctor.

They did work well on the customer care evaluation, however. They have been extremely responsive, really helpful, and incredibly considerate and friendly. And when they were not capable to unlock two of those iPhones, they shipped refunds within two days.

Overall, if IMEI Doctor is not readily available for a reason and you need to use a different, then Immediate Unlocks is a fantastic enough replacement.


The only other iPhone 6 unlock firm I analyzed was Sim Unlock. I have examined them not had good experiences but had been advised they were under new direction and maybe worth a shot. I am able to state that their site checkout experience and client service have improved, but sadly they STILL did not unlock any of those four iPhones I paid them.

They’ve refunded all four obligations though it was a battle for them too with several dangers to escalate the issue.

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