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There are a lot of people living in this world who succumb to various physical disabilities which might hamper their working out of their various activities of life, which on the other hand seems to be a pretty mundane aspect for people who are relatively fitter and are not disabled in any way, not in terms of physical at least.

Hence, For such people, many organizations or communities are being formed, both governmental or private run Ngo’s or even youth-run organizations, who try to help these people that are often left behind to wander in the depts of darkness alone to come out of their miseries and be a part of this beautiful world.

But running such organizations is not a piece of cake either, there should be kept in mind a lot of things, to somewhat ease the sufferings and pains of these differently-abled individuals and also to see to the smooth running of the organization. From catering to the needs of these individuals in every sphere of their lives be it education, therapies, special pieces of training, medical aspects, and so on and so forth, a lot has to be kept in mind.

This is where the organizations seek help from leading companies like THERAP to sort them out in maintaining all the records and other bits and pieces.

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Therap Login [Ultimate Online Banking Guide]

therap login

Therap Login Steps

  • Logging in to Therap is not a tough job. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to log into your user page.
  • Go to your web browser and type the URL to land on the Therap Global Website’s secure login page.
  • Once entered into the Therap webpage, you will find a secure login option on the upper right side of the page. Select the secure login option.
  • Select the preferred language from the drop-down option that appears in the language button. Whatever language select the contents below will be displayed in that particular language.
  • Now, fill in the credentials namely your Name, password, and provider code correctly before logging in.
  • Finally, click the login button to go to your user page.

Once logged in, you will be directed to your user information page. Easy right?

If you are having any troubleshooting problems while logging in to your account then you should bring it to the notice of the agency to help you sort out your troubles.

Therefore, you should first login into your account to avail all the necessary services provided.

Some More Details About Therap

What Is Therap?

Therap is one of the leading companies founded in 2003 in the united states, which specializes in web/electronic documentation for people or organizations which provide care for differently-abled people or people with a physical disability.

The services provided by Therap include a whole range of document services including providing education, special child services, catering to the living aids of the deprived people, special training, and many such services surrounding the field of web documents.

Since its advent, Therap has provided service to over 30,000 users all across the globe be it the United States of America, Bangladesh, South Africa, Ghana, and a lot more of such countries which provide care to their undertakers who may lack the sufficient intellectual or development skills.


Therap is really useful in maintaining the documentation work and shouldering for its users the unnecessary work stress which usually comes with all the big fat document files.

It provides a very systematic arrangement to all the necessary files in a sequential manner for its users so as to access the information of all the various profiles without having to do much hassle and bustle. Some of the various document works which prove as a great boon to have the help of Therap

Individual Demographic Form

Having the basic in-depth knowledge about the person’s overall background information which covers his name, age, religion, family, educational qualification, state, country, etc is very important to keep a check on that person. Therap helps here by analyzing every essential detail of that particular detail, pinned with his all essential contact details in case of emergencies. This systematic display of data of the user helps to conform to the analysis of an overall report of all its members of that particular agency. Plus, it gets its own perks by giving the user the credentials to edit the necessary information when needed.

Progress Notes

This is one of the interesting features of Therap services. Here we get to see the user’s progress chart along with all the features attached to organize the required information better. We see the use of various logs here to search for the relevant information, which makes the work more structured and methodical. Also, the use of different types of logs which fills in different information is really effective to commence the work in a few seconds makes it more efficient and easy to use.

Person-centered Service Planning/individual Education Plan

This service allows to easily access the information of the main objective of that particular person goals, Starting from the time of the plan undertaken by the individual to its termination time, everything is well described here. It becomes a very easy portal to access the individual’s assessment in the course of time. It becomes a check window for the individual’s plan on how to work upon to acing the various task he/she has a knack in it and subsequently visualize and monitor the progress charts.

Activity Tracking/Audit Reports

Activity Tracking helps to ensure the full-on security of the individual’s report. To ensure that no funny business is being done to the authenticity of the report, it has been layered with Electronic Signatures and Two Factor Authentication. Moreover, this feature helps in tracing the history of the individual’s report.

Health Records

Keeping a track of the heath records are a very important business in running an organization for the PWD’s. Since they require special care therefore there shouldn’t be any negligence on this part by the agency. Therefore Therap specializes in adapting to this norm as well by keeping a lookout for the individual’s detailed monthly health records starting from the scheduling appointments with doctors, history of previous illness, blood groups, lab tests, etc. These help to maintain the health record without much trouble as everything is well detailed.

Mobile Applications

To better be easy to access, Therap provides access to its exclusive Therap Application which provides additional administration to some of its special features. From this app, we can easily access the user’s report by working at our fingertips.

Incident Reporting

The Incident reporting tool is one of the essential most services furnished by Therap. It enhances brings in the notice of the organization to the individual’s emergency situation happening upon any physical injury or behavioral crisis. Furthermore, the GRE dashboard provides aid to the organization in regulating such incidents from occurring again.


We hope that the therap login guide will help you make your bank login, forgot username/password, and mobile banking quick and easy without any struggle.

Since this is the 21st century, therefore, we get to see that nowadays people should adhere to the modern technicalities and gadgets and therefore, Therap here saves our game by helping us to use the various tools instead of remaining glued to a pen or a paper, which in fact creates a very tedious job to the employees of the agencies, thus we see that Therap comes in very handy here by organizing every file and document in a perfect schedule to better keep us updated with the workings of the agency to better dawn.

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