5 Ways to Transfer Your Music Files from one iPhone to Another iPhone 2020

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It is notoriously tough to handle documents between different Apple apparatus, or involving Apple computers and devices. 

 Transfer music from iPhone to iPhone

It is notoriously tough to handle documents between different Apple apparatus, or involving Apple computers and devices. But if your music library includes music that wasn’t bought through iTunes (music ripped from CDs, by way of instance ), you will want some help to move it in your devices.

But if your music library includes music that wasn’t bought through iTunes (music ripped from CDs, by way of instance ), you will want some help to move it in your devices.  

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Transferring music purchased through the iTunes Store

Download purchased music on iPhone using iTunes Store

It is possible to get your iTunes purchases anytime on any device with your Apple ID.

Therefore, you may download your purchased songs in your new iPhone directly from inside your iTunes Store program.

  • Ensure you are signed on the iPhone along with your Apple ID.
  • Open the iTunes Store program on your iPhone.
  • Harness More (3 dots star ) > Purchased.
  • Tap Music then chooses the songs you would like to download.    
  • Harness the cloud icon near the songs that you would like to download tap”Download All” to download all of the music from the list.
  • Your downloaded audio will look on your iPhone Music program!

As previously mentioned, this method is only going to let you move your songs bought through iTunes. To move the rest of your music,

Transfer music which was NOT purchased through iTunes

Transfer all iPhone music to a new iPhone with TouchCopy

Thus, getting access to songs bought through iTunes is simple. But how can you move music from various other resources from iPhone into iPhone?

In case your iPhone is filled with songs ripped from CDs or downloaded from resources other than from iTunes Store, then you’re going to need the support of a professional instrument such as Touchcopy to move the audio into your iPhone.

TouchCopy is a favorite application for PC and Mac which lets you get and copy data from the iPhone to your PC.

This is ideal for us since you’re able to move all of your music from the iPhone to your personal computer, then move it to your iPhone.

1.Download and install TouchCopy on your MAC or PC

2. Launch TouchCopy and join your iPhone together with your USB cable.

3.Click Audio.

4. Pick the songs you want to move, then click”Copy to iTunes” (or”Duplicate to Music” in case You’re using macOS Catalina)

5.When the move is finished, shut TouchCopy and open iTunes (or the Finder program on macOS Catalina).

6.Select your apparatus

7. Click Music, then tick”Sync Music” (This can replace any audio on your iPhone with all the audio which you just sync – so guarantee that all of your music is on your Music library prior to syncing to prevent losing any audio ).

8. Click Apply, then Sync to Begin the transfer. 

Transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes

Transfer your music streaming service to your new iPhone


If you would like to stream your songs using a subscription service, instead of downloading the paths to our iPhone, then you are going to want to get your subscription in your new iPhone.

To be able to get your songs, you will first have to download the program in your iPhone (you may skip this step when you’ve got an Apple Music subscription. since the Apple Music program is set up onto your iPhone by default).

1. You can download and install programs like Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music and YouTube Music in the App Store on your iPhone.

2. Once installed, start the program and then sign in using your current account details used in your preceding iPhone.

3. After registering, you will have the ability to get into the audio on your account!

Sharing music directly from within the iPhone Music app [debunked]

Many guides assert you could move your iPhone music utilizing methods such as AirDrop.

It’s easy to see why they’d claim this since you can tap a tune in your iPhone > Share Tune… and now you’re presented with choices such as sharing with AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Dropbox…

But, it isn’t feasible to move music from iPhone into iPhone utilizing these discuss procedures.

Applying these share approaches will just discuss a connection to your chosen music onto the Apple Music site. This is very good for indicating cool new songs for the mates to obey, but maybe not for moving the files between your devices.

The cause of this is very likely to be a result of the security of copyright over the audio. Allowing individuals to share music with individuals who don’t own a license for it might violate copyright protection. Therefore, Apple only supplies the capacity to move music if you possess a permit for the audio (i.e. you’ve bought it). This can be policed by ensuring the exact same Apple ID is used.

You may observe this in training in procedure 1: You have to be signed in using the Apple ID used to buy the music so as to obtain and download it via the iTunes Store.

Share with Dropbox, Google Drive, and more… [solution]

Should you have to transfer music that wasn’t bought through iTunes Store, and you don’t wish to sync the audio using iTunes, there’s away!

Although you can not talk about the audio straight in the iPhone Music program, you can move your songs from iPhone into iPhone with no iTunes:

1.Transfer your songs from iPhone to pc utilizing TouchCopy

2. Publish your songs from the computer for your DropBox or even Google Drive accounts (you can drag and drop the music in your personal computer, as seen from the screenshot below).

3. In your iPhone, download the appropriate app (Dropbox / / Google Drive) in the App Store for those who have not already.

4. Sign to the program with your account details.

5. Listen to songs through the program on your own iPhone.

The only drawback to this process is that you can not transfer your music in the Dropbox or even Google drive program in your Music app. To do it, you ought to use iTunes as noticed in procedure 2.


At this point, you have all you will need to have the ability to move your songs from iPhone into iPhone.

Transfer your iTunes purchases by downloading them from the iTunes Store on your new iPhone.

Beware information in different guides – you can not move music from iPhone into iPhone by sharing via the audio program. To find the very best and most effective means to transfer music that wasn’t purchased through iTunes, then you will want to utilize TouchCopy.

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